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Workers attack NCC power plant

Enraged over the electrocution of a worker, several fellow workers damaged the security outpost and burnt down about six motorcycles at the NCC Power Project located in Thotapalli Gudur area in Nellore district on Monday.

The workers were unhappy that the power project management did not care to listen to the problems of the deceased worker’s relatives and family members.

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Trouble started after Munna Yadav, 31, a native of UP, was electrocuted on Sunday. Then his relatives tried to speak to the management for claiming compensation and financial support for the family members.

As the issue remained unresolved, the agitated workers picked up argument with the security officials at the entrance gate and damaged the furniture there. Two security personnel were also injured in the incident. The enraged workers gained entry into the power project premises and damaged some bikes parked there. The police arrived on the scene and brought the situation under control.

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