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Solar Energy is Now Cheaper Than Coal: Piyush Goyal

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India has been working and supporting the solar power sector since long and the nation has also announced many of its solar projects by now. Of the many projects that India has introduced, one of them is the world’s first 100 percent solar powered airport and is something that is expected to be the world’s largest solar power station. This shows India’s urge to develop a solar power system which will provide clean energy to the country.

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A very good result of this huge ongoing investment in the solar power sector by the country is that it’s making solar power really affordable in the country. In a country with power outages on and off, this will become increasingly helpful for the local population. Solar power has become so affordable in the country that India’s energy minister, Piyush Goyal, has stated that solar power has become a more cost effective alternative than coal.

The plan of the energy working sector in India is to generate at least 100 gigawatts of solar power by the year 2022. This shows how goal oriented the nation is at the moment since this aim that has been projected is almost 20 times more than the current level of solar production in India.

The plan will only be accomplished in a scenario where the price of power will keep on falling. In this year the country’s solar energy prices were around 6 cents per kWh but this can be lowered. While the price of coal ranges between 5-8 cents per kWh. This shows that if the prices of solar are lowered a bit more it would far exceed the value provided, both in monetary and cleanliness terms, by coal.

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