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Hydro-Oxy rich fuel firing – A System Converting CO2 back to Fuel

Hydro-Oxy rich fuel firing

We all know that while firing coal in boiler ,it contain large percentage of inherent moisture along with moisture present in air used for combustion.
While combustion hydrogen content in fuel is converted to H2O leaving
stack as water vapor carrying with it heat ,that heat may be use to convert liquid to vapor.
This is a significant loss approx 10% energy of fuel, depending on flue gas temperature.


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Our Hydro Oxy Rich fuel firing system design to arrest these loss by splitting these water vapor back to hydrogen and oxygen with alumina rich fuel firing.

This will led to complete combustion of the fuel ,which help in saving 10-15 % fuel cost with reduction in CO2 emission.

Hydro-Oxy rich fuel firing is based on advance theory of combustion where in CO2 and H2O vapours present in the flame are made to create series of chain reaction within the flame to create fusion CO>CO2>H2O>CH4>C2H4>C2 H6> >>>>>Fusion means complete combustion.We all know that when we fire coal in the cement Kiln / Boiler it contains large amount of inherent moisture in addition to moisture entering the Kiln / Boiler through combustion air.



We also know that in the combustion process the hydrogen content of the fuel is converted to H2O‚ which normally leaves the stack as water vapor‚ carrying with it the heat required to convert it from liquid to vapour and with fuels high in hydrogen‚ such as natural gas‚ this is a significant loss‚ upwards of 10 % of the energy in the fuel‚ depending on flue gas temperature.

Hydro-Oxy rich fuel firing is designed to arrest this loss by splitting these hot water vapours back to Hydrogen & Oxygen with alumina rich fuel firing. This can invite complete fuel combustion which help in saving 10-15% fuel cost with drastic reduction in CO2 levels C>CO>CO2>H2O>CH4>C2H4>C2 H6> >>>> Hydrogen enrichment in coal invites numbers of fast chain reaction due to better combustion properties which helps in raising the burning speed of fuel, which ultimately speed up driving off volatile matters from coal due to volatile nature of hydrogen.

This mechanism invites exothermic reaction which further breaks the hydrogen bond with other elements of the cluster, exposes more hydrogen to run off combustion process.


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