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Cuttack power project (KVK )

Cuttack power project (KVK Nilachal) is a proposed 1050 MW coal plant at Cuttack in Odisha, India.

The project is being developed in two phases by KVK Nilachal Power Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of KVK  Phase I of the project is 350 MW, and Phase II is 700 MW.

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The project will be implemented in two phases.  Phase I will be of 1×350 MW while phase II will be 3×350 MW.  The total land requirement is 938 acres. Water requirement is 4600 m3/hr, which will be obtained from river Mahanadi.  Induced draft cooling towers with COC of 5 will be adopted.  Zero discharge will be adopted except during monsoon.  Two bi-flue stacks of 275 m height will be installed. The coal to be used will have maximum sulphur content of 0.5% and ash content of 45%.  Greenbelt will be raised in an area of 30% of the project area.  It is estimated that 254 families will be affected due to the project.   No ecologically sensitive area is reported in 10 Km area of the project; however there are 5 reserve forests within 5 km radius.  The public consultation for the ultimate capacity of 4×350 MW was held on 20.8.2008.  Total cost of the project ( 4×350 MW) is Rs.  6300.00 crores which includes Rs.  430.60 crores for environmental protection measures for both the phases.

Construction on the project was halted in 2012, when the Cuttack High Court imposed an interim stay on grounds of violation of wildlife protection laws.

Project Details

Sponsor: KVK
Location: Kandarei village, Althagarh, Cuttack district, Odisha
Coordinates: 20.5870974, 85.742653
Status:construction started and then stopped.
Capacity: 1050 MW


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