Baranda power project

The proposal of Baranda power project in 2012 was for a 1,620 MW power plant near Baranda at the Ranchi district in Jharkhand, in proximity to a proposed 10 MT steel project of the JSW Group. According to JSW, the steel project is located in Sonahatu Block of Ranchi district.

The estimated project cost is Rs. 79,380.00 million, Under the MoU, the Government of Jharkhand has the right to purchase up to 25% of the power dispatched from the power plant. The balance of the power can be sold inside and/or outside of Jharkhand.

As of 2015 JSW Energy reports that “the company is still in the process of finalizing the location for the Power Plant and initiating steps to secure the fuel linkage for the proposed power project.”

An EIA for a steel plant and 900 MW captive power plant was submitted by JSW Energy in March 2015. JSW envisages that about 300 MW of the plant will be generated from waste heat recovery boilers, and about 600 MW will be generated from conventional coal fired boilers.

Project Details

Sponsor: JSW Energy
Location: Baranda village, Ranchi district, Jharkhand
Coordinates: 23.192189, 85.708852 (approximate)
Status: Initial development
Capacity: 900 MW


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