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Sikka Thermal Power Project

Sikka Thermal Power Station is a 240 MW coal plant in Jamnagar, India, owned by Gujarat State Electricity Corporation. It is being expanded by 500 MW.

Gujarat State Electricity Corporation is pursuing an expansion of the station to Units 3 and 4 – two new units of 250MW each. Unit 3 was commissioned in April 2015, and Unit 4 was described as “in an advanced stage of commissioning.”

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Sikka TPS is located near Jamnagar, one of the major industrial towns of Gujarat. Two units of 120 MW each,supplied and executed earlier by BHEL are already in operation at Sikka. Another 250 MW unit, presently under execution at Sikka TPS, is also in an advanced stage of commissioning, the release said.

Project Details of expansion

Sponsor: Gujarat State Electricity Corporation
Location: Sikka village, Jamnagar district, Gujarat
Coordinates: 22.42082767, 69.82759953 
Status: Operating (Unit 3); Construction (Unit 4)
Capacity: 500 MW (Units 3-4: 250 MW)


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