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Company Profile

ECEPL is an SPV promoted by Asian Genco Pte Ltd (AGPL) and Athena Energy Ventures Pvt.Ltd (AEVPL) along with their associates.

ASIAN GENCO PTE LTD (AGPL) a Singapore based company with investments in a portfolio of Power and associated Infrastructure Projects in the emerging markets. It has a portfolio of ~ 4000 MW power generation assets, in India.

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ATHENA ENERGY VENTURES PVT LTD (AEVPL) a joint venture formed by Athena Infraprojects Pvt Ltd, PTC India Limited and Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC). It is involved in project development support and equity investments in a portfolio of power generation projects.

Abir Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (Abir) is a specialized Engineering and Construction Company engaged in the construction / execution of Hydro, Thermal Power projects & Transmission associated works. It is also specialized in handling Procurement, Supply and Management of Mining Equipment.

PTC India Financial Services Ltd (PFS) is a company that specializes in providing financial services to the entities in energy value chain, which inter-alia includes investing in equity and/or extending debt to power projects; fuel sources, fuel related infrastructure, EPC contractors etc. It is promoted by PTC India Ltd (PTC).

Project detail

Project Type Coal based Thermal Power Plant.
Plant Rating Phase – 1: Two Units each of 660 MW (No’s 1 & 2 presently under development).
Phase – 2: Two Units each of 660 MW (No’s 3 & 4).
Location Near Kakarapalli Village, Santhabommali Mandal, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Land for the Project Government land allotted through APIIC and title transferred to ECEPL.
Source of water Sea water from Bay of Bengal (about 2.5 Km from Plant boundary).
Technology Supercritical Technology.
Cooling system Closed condenser circulating water (CW) cooling system.
Primary Fuel MCL Coal (Talcher/ Ib valley coal mines) and imported coal from Indonesia and others.
Chimney 275 meters high two flue chimneys.
Power Evacuation 400 kV system through three 400 kV transmission lines in Phase -1.
Target for COD of  1st Unit 39 months from NTP.
Target for COD of  2nd Unit 45 months from NTP.
Project Consultant Energy Infratech Private Limited



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