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Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited

Company Profile

Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited is one of the pivotal organizations of Andhra Pradesh, engaged in the business of Power generation. Apart from operation & Maintenance of the power plants it has undertaken the execution of the ongoing & new power projects scheduled under capacity addition programme and is taking up renovation & modernization works of the old power stations.

APGENCO came into existence  and commenced operations from 01.02.1999. This was a sequel to Governments reforms in Power Sector to unbundle the activities relating to Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Power. All the Generating Stations owned by erstwhile APSEB were transferred to the control of APGENCO.

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After reorganisation of state of the Andhra Pradesh according to Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014, the assets, liabilities, employees etc. of APGENCO are apportioned between the two successor states.

The installed capacity of APGENCO as on 02.06.2014 after Andhra Pradesh State Reorganisaton is 4559.6MW comprising 2810.0MW Thermal, 1747.6 MW Hydro and 2 MW Wind power stations contributes about half the total Energy Requirement of Andhra Pradesh.

Project detail

The performance of APGenCo thermal power stations in terms of reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM analysis) is one of the best in India, its hydro power stations performance is not satisfactory as they break down frequently or not in working condition when required to perform at full capacity during the short period (four months) monsoon season. The thermal efficiency (heat rate) of thermal power stations is not satisfactory to attain close to the rated / design values which is deciding parameter in the competitive electricity market (buyers market) whereas the fuel (coal) is costly in sellers market.

Operating the thermal power stations in the range of 75 to 100% capacity in ‘frequency follow mode’ with good part load efficiency is the needful strategy in surplus electricity grid except during peak demand hours. Also Hydro power stations should perform well meeting all the functions such as power factor correction, peaking power generation, pumping water in pump mode and secondary power generation during monsoon season utilising total available water. This can be achieved by maintaining hydro power stations at availability more than 95%.


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