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Power generation partly suspended at Farakka Power Plant: NTPC


Partial suspension of power generation at the NTPC’s Farakka plant in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district owing to shortage of water is likely to continue till April 10, the power generator said on Monday.

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The power producer was forced to temporarily shut five units (1,600 MW) of its six units (2,100 MW) at Farakka after water level at Farakka feeder canal receded due to “diversion of water to Bangladesh as per the international treaty”.

“Currently, one unit of 500 MW is under operation. The situation is likely to continue till April 10,” the state run power generator said in a statement.

It, however, assured that there would be no shortage of power in the state as a result of the closures.

“The total allocation to West Bengal from NTPC stations is 786 MW, which can be fully met by the company from its stations, if power is requisitioned by the state,” the company said.

Power generator’s Farakka and Kahalgaon stations are not fully scheduled, leading to partial loading.

“If required by the state, the company can also supply more than its allocation to West Bengal by supplying surplus power from its stations,” it said.

The state has also surrendered its 199 MWA power allocation from its Barh stage-II (2X660 MW) in Bihar.


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