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Kudankulam Atomic Power Project

Kudankulam Atomic Power Project is a 1000 MW nuclear power plant operated by Nuclear Power Corporation of India, a state nuclear power body at Kudankulam, Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu, India.

Construction began on 31 March 2002, with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL) predicting that the first unit would be operational in March 2007, instead of the original target of December 2007.

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A small port became operational in Kudankulam on 14 January 2004. This port was established to receive barges carrying over sized light water reactor equipment from ships anchored at a distance of 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi). Until 2004, materials had to be brought in via road from the port of Tuticorin, risking damage during transportation. In 2008, negotiations on building four additional reactors at the site began. Though the capacity of these reactors has not been declared, it was expected that the capacity of each reactor will be 1200 MW or 1.2 GW. The new reactors would bring the total capacity of the power plant to 6800 MW or 6.8 GW.

Project Details

Sponsor: Nuclear Power Corporation of India NPCIL
Location: Kudankulam, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu
Status: Unit 1 : 1 x 1000 MW
Capacity: 1000MW
Type: Water-Water Energetic Reactor VVER-1000