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MCL optimistic to achieve annual target of 150 MT coal

Notwithstanding the setback in first half of the year, Mahanadi Coalfield Limited, the flagship company of Coal India Limited (CIL) is confident of achieving the target of 150 million tonne in the current fiscal .

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As the number one company of CIL, MCL is asked to produce a whopping 150 MT in the current fiscal while the total target of CIL remains at 600 MT. MCL’s share is at twentyfive per cent of the CIL target, while the remaining 75 per cent will be met by its remaining six subsidiaries. The company is yet to produce about 81 million tonne. As on October 22 the coal production of the company touched to 69.26 million tonne.

The performances of the MCL in first half of the current year was not good and negative compared to previous year. Till the end of September last MCL registered a negative growth of 2.5 per cent while Talcher coalfield recorded 7.8 per cent. MCL CMD Anil Kumar Jha attributed the negative performances to the monsoon rain and land constraint at Talcher coalfield which accounts for more than 60 per cent coal.

The daily production which was low in monsoon month is picking up in the current month.It reached at 4 lakh tonne per day in the current month while the asking rate is about 5 lakh tonne per day from its mines, the CMD said. The CMD said though the asking daily rate of output is very high but it could be achieved with the cooperation from state government and all the stake holders.


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