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Coal blocks in Odisha

Odisha account for around 13.4% of the country’s total production and 25% of total coal reserves of India. Talcher and Ranapur Himgir are the two important coal fields. Talcher accounts for nearly 3/4th of the total coal reserve of the state.

Terms of spatial spread of prognostical coal bearing area, the coalfields of the state of Orissa have about 7.6% area (2723 Sq.Km). This goes to illustrate the high ratio of coal to non coal strata in the two hitherto known coal bearing basin viz.lb River coalfield and Talcher coalfield. As a sequel to which threse coalfields have an added advantage of being accorded most favoured coalfields status by the nature as far as quarriable potentiality is concerned.
Historically Talcher coalfield was discovered by Lt. kittoe in 1839 and lb River coalfield by V.Ball in 1871 yet the real impetus for resource assesment by systematic exploration efforts was accorded only in the post nationalisation era of the coal industry since 1973, the importance of Orissa coalfields further enhanced due to their vicinity to east coast.

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Coal BlockStatePrivate/ GovtIndustry
Utkal-B2OdishaPSponge Iron
Utkal B 1OdishaPSponge Iron
JamkhaniOdishaPSponge Iron
Utkal-DOdishaGCommerci al
Talabira IIOdishaGPower
BijahanOdishaPSponge Iron
PatraparaOdishaPSponge Iron
Mahanadi MachhakataOdishaGPower
Radhikapur (East)OdishaPSponge Iron
Radhikapur (West)OdishaPSponge Iron
Nuagaon TelisahiOdishaGCommercial
Meenakshi BOdishaPPower
Dip side of MeenakshiOdishaPPower
Chendipada, Chendi-IIOdishaGPower
Baitarni WestOdishaGPower
Mandakini BOdishaGPower
Dipside ManoharpurOdishaGPower
Rampia & Dip Side of RampiaOdishaPPower
Ramchandi Promotion BlockOdishaPCTL
North of Arkhapal SrirampurOdishaPCTL