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Coal blocks in Chhattisgarh

Coal Reserves in Chhattisgarh

  • The state has 16% of the total coal deposits of India.
  • 44483 million tonnes coal has been estimated in 12 coalfields of the State located in Raigarh, Surguja, Koriya and Korba districts.
  • The state ranks 2nd in coal production by contributing over 18% to the total national production.
  • Most of the coal deposits are of power grade coal. NTPC & CSEB in Korba are the major producer of thermal power and new a plant of NTPC has been started in Seepat, Bilaspur.
  • Potential for more power generation units exist in the State. New capacities of 10,000 MW are expected to materialize by 2011.


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Coal BlockStatePrivate/ GovtIndustry
Gare-Palma- IV/1ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Gare-Palma- IV/5ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Gare-Palma- IV/2ChhattisgarhPPower
Gare-Palma- IV/3ChhattisgarhPPower
Gare-Palma- IV/4ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Gare-Palma- IV/7ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
ChotiaChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Madanpur SouthChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Nakia I + Nakia IIChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Gare Palma IV/6ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Gare Palma IV/8ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Madanpur (North)ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Gare Pelma, Sector-IChhattisgarhGCommercial
Gare Pelma Sector IIChhattisgarhGPower
Morga IIChhattisgarhGCommercial
Shankarpur Bhatgaon- IIChhattisgarhGCommercial
Morga IIIChhattisgarhGCommercial
Morga IVChhattisgarhGCommercial
Parsa EastChhattisgarhGPower
Kanta BasanChhattisgarhGPower
DurgapurII/ SaryaChhattisgarhPPower
DurgapurII/ TaraimarChhattisgarhPPower
Fatehpur EastChhattisgarhPPower
Kesla NorthChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Gare Pelma Sector IIIChhattisgarhGPower
BhaskarparaChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Rajgamar Dipside (South of Phulakdih Nala)ChhattisgarhPSteel
Puta ParogiaChhattisgarhPPower
Rajgamar Dipisde (Deavnara)ChhattisgarhPSponge Iron
Vijay CentralChhattisgarhPSponge Iron